One week to Turkey Day...wait, Thanksgiving in Spain??!!

Yes, that's right, the Pilgrims first landed here and Spaniards taught them how to make tapas. They had a big feast and then they went to find America and had the more famous Thanksgiving Day that everyone knows about. Ok, not really. We get asked every year, why are you putting on a Thanksgiving banquet in Spain? There are several reasons. First of all, we celebrate the feast primarily because of the fact that we are truly thankful to the Lord for all He has done and this is certainly an exclusively American practice. In actuality Thanksgiving goes back farther than the Pilgrims and Indians. The feast has its roots in the Bible. The people of Israel would celebrate the harvest in the Festival of Sukkot (Lev. 23). This then spread to Europe centuries later as a part of Jewish and Christian tradition and the Pilgrims exported it to the U.S. So...Thanksgiving isn't just American after all.

The reason we started celebrating the day with the students at the seminary was because many years ago, one of our professors thought to invite a few students to be a part of the feast at their house. They were overjoyed and said, they had always wanted to be a part of such a special day but always felt they couldn’t because it was an American thing. Ever since we have put on a banquet for all the students to enjoy a part of the American side of Thanksgiving and express their gratitude to God in a special share time we have afterward.

This year Jamie is going to be braving the meal with the help of two students. We are going to be bringing two standalone ovens into our kitchen and she is starting to make the 12 pies this weekend. We are looking at about 60 people attending the meal. And this year we are going to put together a video documentary of how it goes. Be sure to tune in!

No More hassle donations!

It is official! We have finally gotten a great payment page which allows us to accept credit card donations, recurring donations and it is easy to walk through. Just click the shiny red button on the left. We are so sorry if you are one of the many people who tried to give online only to be frustrated with our system. FYI the system we were using was called Paysimple. We DO NOT recommend it to anyone but if you are using them, ok. =)

We are working hard to make the most of the technological tools, so you can be up to date and involved with all that is going on. On a side note, as we are working to make this switch we will most likely be in touch to transfer over your payment details to the new system. Thank you!

Disciples are Being Made

We have been very busy these last couple months at the church. Our attendance continues to grow every week and it is wonderful that it doesn't feel that empty in the church anymore. =) I don't know if you remember Jorge (young man who came up to me after our miscarriage and said he couldn't understand the peace that we had and wanted to know more about Christianity). A few weeks ago

Pray for our Friend, please.

I have shared with you about Jorge, but I haven't shared so much about Laura his younger sister. Laura actually came to Christ also because of the testimony of the college student who lived in her home. Laura trusted Christ much sooner but now she is starting to have doubts. In a recent email to the college student, she told him she feels as though she has been fooled. She is very young and impressionable. We are practically the only voice in her life...well as I write that I realize the truth that we are not the only voice that is speaking truth into her life. She has the Holy Spirit. Thus my request changes slightly. Pray that He might speak clearly to her heart and reassure us through our words as well as other ways as well that we are not aware of at the moment. All around her, her friends, family and many others are telling her that she does not need to be in this cult. Her mother is very wary with regards to us and she like most other Spaniards believe us to be a cult even though she rarely attends church herself.

I believe that God has great plans for Laura and I believe that He desires her to be in communion with Him and to not abandon as she is thinking about doing. Please pray for her.


I was very disappointed with myself as I looked back over the last few Sundays and seen what our music time has become at our church. It reflects what we see in many churches around the world. We only have two instruments but we hurried through our practice time and our song time was nothing more than singing the songs and playing them well. Due to our hurried rehearsal time on Saturday and Sunday, we ended up not even playing the songs very well.


We Believe India is Ripe for the Gospel

Because of the estimated 15-25 million orphans* (And the belief the number will double in 5 years), we believe that WLM must begin a work in India to help these needy ones.

The India Strategy

Because we are always being challenged by God for the future of WLM, we are now asking: How would God have us export our explosive church planting model of Cuba to the needy country of India?

How to fund this ministry.

  • Develop a herd of 300 dairy cows - We already have an expert dairyman willing to prepare the herd
  • Develop the dairy into a profitable business in order to fully fund church planting and lay the foundation for